Run & Scale your CAS Practice with Genie

Scale your CAS Practice

Genie Practice Management was built for firms building and scaling a Client Accounting Services Practice

When your client accounting services practice first started, it was small enough for one person to manage. You could keep track of all of the client work, ensure that deadlines and deliverables were being met, and nothing fell through the cracks. Then you hired more people, then you brought on more clients. Do you have tons of spreadsheets to stay "organized" but are outgrowing them? Have you even tried some of the other Professional Services Automation (PSA) systems and were underwhelmed? We designed Genie from the ground up with the needs of the client accounting services practice in mind.

Use Genie to scale and manage your CAS Operations:

Manage Tasks

Use Genie to keep track of recurring and ad-hoc requests to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Define standard processes to deliver scalable solutions.

Track Time

Use Genie’s timer to manage time seamlessly from your tasks and automatically feed into client invoicing so time tracking is not an afterthought.

Invoice Clients

Use Genie data to invoice clients. Setup approval workflows for different service lines and post invoices to Quickbooks.

Manage the Monthly Close

Use Genie to stay on top of the the monthly close process, meet your client commitments and deliver timely and accurate financial statements.

Price New Engagements

Use Genie to comb through prospect transactional data to price out new engagements, significantly reducing time and improving accuracy of proposals.

Deliver Custom Reporting

Use Genie to provide an impressive array of financial insights to your clients, all designed in an easy-to-read format.

Onboarding Support

Our team is here to support you every step of the way to get your practice up and running on Genie.

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